Take One

This audition only class is built to offer the serious incoming freshmen learner the opportunity to build upon the foundation they have established in Theatre prior to entering High School. The course will be taught at an advanced pace and focus on higher-level application of acting and directing principles. Work will include the production of a class play, competition monologues and scene work, film, television and radio creations. Learners will also finish the class equipped with an understanding and competency in the use of many technical elements of theatre used at the high school level. Learners are required to attend CHS Theatre productions and perform in or tech their class play. 

Broadway Bound

Learners entering this course have completed either Take One or Spotlight and been approved by the Instructor. This tier of courses develops proficiency in acting by promoting an understanding of the methods, principles, practices and vocabulary common for all acting styles from Greek through Shakespeare to modern texts. The learners will study monologues and scenes from a variety of historical periods and acting styles. Learners will learn the processes used to research a character historically. Learners will study appropriate stage diction and learn to project their voices in all spaces and with a wide range of characters. Learners will study mime, movement, and stage combat to prepare their bodies for the challenges of creating physical characters. The courses will require that the learners transfer knowledge from one acting style to another. The courses will challenge the learners to develop and use a process of character development and discover their creative processes. This course emphasizes the complexity and thoroughness required to become a successful performer. Learners are required to attend all CHS productions each semester and participate in their own class play. 



Do you love musical theatre? Would you like to learn how to sing, act and dance? Then this course is for you!! Learners will be taught all three disciplines while putting together their own show to be performed in the Spring. The course will enhance and cultivate the creative gifts of each learner while encouraging a sense of self-confidence. The course will enable learners to study and perform the varied styles of musical theatre with special attention to the principals of stage movement, stage vocal technique, stage choreography, acting, characterization, and all other aspects of a music production. Learners will be required to participate in their own class production which will include some after school rehearsals. Learners will also be required to either participate in or attend the school musical in the Fall. 

Studio Premier

This audition only class is an advanced class aimed at preparing learners for the next level and will be limited to a select group of upperclassmen that have demonstrated a serious interest and dedication to the performing arts. The class curriculum will center around the needs of each learner in preparing them for entry into college or gaining an agent once they have graduated. Seniors will be required to audition for the North Texas Drama Auditions in the Fall and perform a One Man/Woman Show in the Spring. Juniors will continue studying different acting techniques to include acting in front of a camera (television and film) along with some voice over work. Learners will be required to attend all school plays.