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Acting/Tech Audtions


All tech classes - application and interview/portfolio+director rec

JV Productions/Productions ACTORS: application AND audition/audition video

JV Productions/Productions TECH: application AND interview/portfolio+director rec


Tech interviews can be in person or via Google Meet, there is a link in the application for students to select an appointment time. In absence of an interview, students have the option to upload a portfolio item and request a recommendation from their current director. Audition videos are also allowed in lieu of an in-person audition.


Productions courses will have actors and technicians enrolled, and capped at 24. Students can be in an upper level tech course and a productions course.


TECH PORTFOLIO: This does not need to be a complicated thing. A photo of something that shows your technical skill (construction, artistic, or implementation) is all I ask. Students should be prepared to discuss the process behind creating/designing the item, what strength the item displays, and what they would do differently if they had to create or design the item again.






The deadline to submit an application and complete an audition/interview is March 10. Follow ups with the directors will take place the week after spring break at our discretion - if you are not scheduled for a follow up that does not mean you are not accepted into the course - similar to a callback.


Theatre 1-4 (Spotlight, Broadway Bound, and Studio Premier) do NOT require an application, audition, or interview.

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